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Air Operated Oil Pump



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DISPENSE WITH CONFIDENCE:High quality, specially designed and well finishedPump made in Italy, this air operated pump is the perfect heavy duty pump for your dailyoil dispensing.

GET THE JOB DONE FASTERAND QUIETER:With7.4GPM (Gallons per minute)free flow rate, this pump willlowerthe dispensingtime.With only 80dB, not only fasterbut you will also dispense much quieter.

FLEXIBILITY:Stub pumps are versatile. The1”female thread in the down tube allowsyou to adapt/extend the down tube, turning this stub pump into a drum pump or even intoa tote pump.

INLET and OUTLET:1/2inch male NPT oil outlet, 1-inch NPT female threaded downtube (Inlet) and 1/4-inch NPT air inlet.

WORRY FREE:We know you have otheroptions and we appreciate if you choose us.100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back! During the first year if you are notsatisfied withyourAir Operated Pump, don’t worry,we will reimburse you 100%! Weknow and we trustinour product and soon you will too!


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